“Education is the movement from dark to light”

– Allan Bloom


You cannot learn if you are not inspired. Lighthouse Tutors focus on getting their students interested in the material through a number of different techniques


Becoming more confident in the classroom can transform a students life. Lighthouse Tutors go beyond the basic and try and build connections to the subject matter that will allow the student to continue life long learning throughout their academic journey


The mission of Lighthouse Tutors is to provide hope and guidance to student’s who are struggling to reach their full potential. Once a student can clearly see the path ahead, their is no telling what awaits them beyond the horizon

Programs & Rates


Focus on literacy & numbers for younger students as well as refresher courses to get students ready for High School


A wide range of high school subjects including science, math and social science for basic subject discplines

Post Secondary

For students in high school requiring help in advanced disciplines required to gain entry into post secondary institutions or those currently in post secondary looking for assistance